exterior semi-transparent stain & clear finishes

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Storm Stain manufactures stains with quality ingredients and state-of-the-art technology
knowing that beauty and protection are what our customers demand. Whether Storm Stain is
used on a home, swing set, deck, fence, furniture or another exterior surface, you can be assured that Storm Stain will perform. After all, it is “The Guaranteed Performer”!

Storm Stain’s exterior clears, semi-transparent, and semi-opaque color collections add subtle color to your wood while allowing the natural grain and texture to show through. The final appearance is dependent upon the wood’s natural tones, porosity, grain and pattern. The magnificence of these finishes is that they combine a natural appearance with an understated amount of color.


Hardwood oil finish for deck + fencE    

Available in four ready mixed select colors designed to accentuate wood’s natural beauty,
Hardwood Oil Finish combines penetrating exotic oils and transoxide pigments for unequalled product performance. Storm Stain’s unique formula provides a translucent coating that protects against the weather, UV rays and mildew. It greatly enhances the coloration of hardwoods such as ipe, redwood, ironwood and mahogany. It also makes a great finish on cedar, pine and fir when a more natural appearance is desired.

White Cedar

New Cedar 20041

Natural 20042

REd Mahogany 20043

Mahogany Flame 20044


New Cedar 20041

Natural 20042

REd Mahogany 20043

Mahogany Flame 20044


New Cedar 20041

Natural 20042

REd Mahogany 20043

Mahogany Flame 20044


New Cedar 20041

Natural 20042

REd Mahogany 20043

Mahogany Flame 20044


Semi-opaque decking stain

Storm Stain Decking stain combines a beautiful stained look with long-lasting durability. This reinforced stain provides maximum durability and wear. It is great for decks, rails, and furniture and many exterior surfaces.

Country Club White 24000

Bound Rock


Chestnut brown 24030

 Mystic Gray 24012




 seacoast gray 24036

seasalt gray

Nature trail


 parsons gray 24031


cedar mill

redwood 24011


cedar walk


Available as Ready Mix Colors.


semi-transparent stain for siding

Storm Stain Semi-transparent stains are blended with the precise amount of pigment, allowing a slight coloration of the wood. Storm Stain’s unique formula provides an outstanding mildew and weather resistant finish for your wood surface.


winter summit

Harborside gray

angel street

base lodge

sandy pointe

beach access

boatslip gray


beneath the bard

redwood forest

sculptured rocks

braun bay

nature's tone

cedar plank

back to nature

canyon pass

California Redwood
california rewood

vintage merlot

semi transparent
estate green

nature's tone        cedar plank       back to nature       canyon pass

auburn locks

cafE grande

weekend escape

under the stars


Bleached wood stain

Storm Stain Bleached Wood Stain is an innovative approach to achieving the natural weathered look of wood while protecting the surface. Its unique acrylic formula provides a longer-lasting, more uniform, mildew-resistant finish than traditional oil bleaching stains.

untreated weathered wood

latex bleached wood stain 47638


Clear wood finishes

This penetrating clear wood finishes, designed for one coat application, has been developed to prolong the life and enhance the beauty of most exterior woods. This unique blend of several oils and resins provides maximum protection and water repellency in a rich, clear finish.

20030 clear wood finish

20040 clear deck finish

20024 lumbercare woodlife extender

The stain colors viewed on this site are for general representation only. All colors look different when viewed on a computer monitor. To view the actual color card please call our customer service at 1.800.225.1141 or contact your local dealer.

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